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New AT: Invader or Supreme Invader

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I want to see a class inspired from the class called Theurgist (in the game Dark Ages of Camelot), they summon big elemental spiritis to deal damage and control enemies, summoning pets is their main attack, each pet last a minute and are killable. 


This could be a new more mobile and active MM class, or could be a new dominator/controller powerset.


This playstyle is addictive when summoning infinite one-minute pets have low recharge, specially if pets feel like pets and not just dots.


If this becomes a new class heres some ideas:

Powerset primaries:

-Victorian Spiritism (summons air and poltergeist spirits)

-Xenoslime Pact (summons giant slimes than hold enemies inside their gelatinous bodies and acid slime worms with tentacles attacking like whips)

-Hologram Hacker (summons random pixelated holograms affecting enemies, this would be random like the propel power of gravity, holograms could be pacman alike or random holograpic space opera soldiers, or even beach girls)

-Elementalist Adept (the more similar to Theurgist from daoc)


Secondary powersets would be self defensive from melee tanks, because all invader pets have very low taunt.


What do you think?

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