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Opening options for mecha-wings and jetpacks

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Currently, the mecha-wing and jetpack costume parts have two states, open and closed (or just on and off for the jetpacks). As far as I can tell, these parts only open when a flight power is active, and they're closed at all other times. I have a character who in-concept uses a jetpack-based super jump (not unlike the jump pack P2W powers, but a bit more integral to the character's design and movement), so I'd really like to be able to have the wings open either all the time, or when I jump.


To that end, especially if other people have any similar concepts, I'm proposing some potential new opening options for these costume pieces (and possibly for flapping wings as well, though they already flap on jump). It would probably be redundant to implement all of these, but any one would be very nice to see.


  1. An always-open version, like the one currently seen for Celestial Wings.
  2. An "open-wings" toggle power, perhaps available from the P2W vendor, which would open the wings while the power was toggles and have no other effect.
  3. An "open-wings-on-jump" setting, probably through Null The Gull, which would cause the wings to open when the character jumps.
  4. A "jump-powers-make-wings-open" setting, again probably through Null The Gull, which would cause the wings to open when a power such as Super Jump is toggled-on.


Thanks for your consideration. If there is already a way to do any of the above, please let me know. I've looked and asked around and haven't found anything, but it's not impossible I've simply missed something.

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