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Offensive weapons

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Offensive weapon types


Deer Horn Knives (Chinese) Deer horn knives also known as crescent moon knives or duck blades  are specialized Chinese bladed weapons consisting of two steel crescents crossing.


Wind-and-fire wheels are melee weapons  wielded as a pair, associated with Chinese martial arts visually, they are similar to throwing weapons, but they are not.



Kusarigama - I imagine that they could be coded a bit like whip I would prefer to see them stand alone without the MM pets as an option though. 




  • I also like the idea of stand alone whips as a power set, there's about 8+ historical types of whips from different cultures that look somewhat similar to each other but some look different & unique.



Chukhurs which are similar to Quiots (they are like Xena's throwing weapons)  Below they are shown on a turban (varying sizes) using the animation for flying disc existing in the game already but possibly slow it down a little bit on some of the progressive levels.




Glowing Bolas - solas or Slungshots (yes slung not sling) Pardon the pictures they're a bit oogly.



Handheld flame throwers, I like the idea of this and there's a whole list of them at this link though they call them portable




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