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Cannot Retrieve Character List/Cannot Re-Install Launcher


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Hello, I was on a Kahn TF loading from Ouro to the mission and I got stuck on the loading screen. Usually I load quickly but the loading bar would not move at all. I opened another instance of Homecoming from the Tequila launcher and logged back in which kicked the other instance out.

When I tried to log back into Excelsior, it would not retrieve my character list at all. It would let me log into another account, or another server, but not Excel.

Then I restarted my computer and it would let me log into Excel and on a different toon, but when I tried to load the toon I started on, it would still get stuck at the loading screen. (Although my toon DID make it back in, it rejoined the TF and my teammates could see it.)

So I tried to uninstall Tequila and removed all the files associated with it and reinstall the new HC launcher, but it will not install. I click the download and either nothing happens or it gets stuck. It won't even let me delete it without restarting my computer because it says that the file is open in HC Launcher, but I closed the process in Task Manager. 



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