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Sentinel Invuln Durability: Says +HP but actually gives +Absorb

Shin Magmus

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       Topic says it all: the power text and extended description text, as well as the MIDs data all say this power just gives +HP and +End.  Since Invuln can and will overcap HP for free with Dull Pain, the HP portion of durability is worthless.  So what the power really gives is just bonus sustain from higher Max End and a tiny bit of Toxic Resistance.


       Or that's what I thought, but in-game on live on my Invuln Sent it actually gives constant ticking Absorption.  This is not only way better but it would mandate a respec if it isn't a bug, because now we'd all want to add heal set IOs to Durability.  But if it's supposed to only be +HP, then those same heal set IOs would be totally worthless.  I need some clarification on this.



not hp at all.PNG

not hp.PNG

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