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Suggestion: Altnerate story arc/career path for Arachnos characters (potential SPOILERS, of course)

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potential SPOILERS for anyone who hasn't played an Arachnos before.


I know we can use Architect Entertainment to make our own stories.  But I also know our fine Homecoming devs they are making new story arcs too. 


So what if your Widow or Soldier....doesn't care about being a Destined One?  What if they just want to climb the ranks of Arachnos and stick it to the heroes/Longbow/Paragon City?  And of course keeping the other factions in the Rogue Isles under control.


The closest contact/arc I can think of like this in the game is Operative Kirkland.  And perhaps the mission that is part of the "Are you a Destined One" story arc that has you "rescue" a potential Fortunata seer from Paragon City.


The "typical" Arachnos Widow/Soldier would have mission arcs about rising through the ranks of Arachnos.  Much of this would include the in-fighting of Arachnos, as well as fighting the Warburg faction.  As well as fighting Council, Legacy Chain, Wyvern, Longbow, etc.  Perhaps the Radio would have one additional mission for Arachnos on this career path.


The midgame would include an arc about the Mu vs the Circle of Thorns, an in depth study of the Tarantula program.  Perhaps with the opportunity for Widows to respec into a Tarantula Mistress?  Missions to what is left of Praetoria to plumb it's secrets, some of which can already be seen in game.


High end missions might include the Red Widow (and for the Warburg Spies, Marshall Blitz) as patrons, as well as the usual options.  Other arcs could include the nature of relations and rivalries between Arachnos, Nemesis, and the Malta Group.


Patron missions would be the same, but at the end instead of fighting Recluse, there could be a two parter; one part would be a special mission for your Patron be above all others.  (Red Widow might be trying to replace Ghost Widow; Marshall Blitz would be looking for intel on Relcuse)  the second part would be to lead a massive raid of Arachnos on Paragon City itself. 

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