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The Joys of Siren's Call


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Recently found COHH and I'm quite impressed! 


Before I stopped playing (a bit after the i16-17, after the devs made too many awful combat "tweaks of fairness" to combat in the PvP zones, which was the only reason I would play), there was the joys of the hunt and smack talk in Siren's Call.  Probably the most active pvp zone in the game (at least on my main server at that time), because the toon had decent enough levels to be competitive without grinding to 50 first. 


The CoX content and events etc were too boring and repetitive, but building toons for Siren's Call was where it was at!  It was the best PvP zone, complete with smack talk and no-over powered 50's running amok, where relying on your wits to survive the zone was more important that some uber build.


However, sadly, many folks complained that that wasn't "fair", to hit-and-run, and not stand like your feet were poured in concrete.  So pvp became more and more like standing in mud, and not fun at all. 


But until then, let me know if you ever were harassed, beaten to a pulp, challenged to a dual, or annoyed by any of these guys (forget which server I was actually on):


Dance Hall Crasher


Blind Havoc

Dr Nikola Tesla

Fury de Inferno






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