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Why This Game Is So Amazing To Me

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City of Heroes is one of those games that is just so awesome and hard to describe at the same time. I mean, I'll show it to a person only for them to say: "It looks dated and crappy!" The thing is that it's hard to describe the game to a person who's never actually played it. Back in the day, I didn't think anything too special of the game either. I played it for a few months and then got bored and just forgot about it.


The thing is that I was in my teen years at the time, and I feel that I wasn't very appreciative of the games I played. I didn't interact that much with other players and I didn't experiment with that many character combinations. I just brute-forced my way through the game without reading all the well-written dialogue or soaking in this awesome world. And after the game shut down, I felt this deep pit of regret in my stomach. I felt that I had taken this awesome game for and would never get to play it again as a result.


That's when this server showed up! This private server allowed me to partake in this game that I never got super involved in. It allowed me to return to this virtual world and appreciate its beauty once more. Sure, it looks and plays like an old game, but it has this timeless passion and heart to it. Few other games give me the raw amount of joy that CoH has and continues to give me.


I'm glad I could come back to this game. Thanks so much, SCORE!

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