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"Outsider Trolls"


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I am creating a new term: "Outsider Trolls". 


One player is upset in CoH Survivors (Facebook) because someone has been contacting her threatening to DOX her if she doesn't get the server back up.  (She's just a player.)  OF COURSE she's frantic. 


What everyone needs to remember is that as soon as Bree went up, "outsider trolls" from 4chan sent the owner a message pretending to be Ncsoft, and scared him so much he immediately deleted his server, and has completely withdrawn from the effort.  He won't be coming back. 


As soon as Bree was up, we had non-CoX trolls coming in and doing their "evil" best to be as nasty and upsetting as they could figure out how to be.  It's how they get their rocks off. 


They are *not* going to go away.  But, equally, they are *not* part of our community.  If/when you run into these people...just remember they are *not* CoXers at all.  They're bad people, yes, in RL, but they are NOT Heroes or even Villains. 


They're not "ours". 


The only motivation they have is to hurt people, so the more hurt you act, the more they'll focus on you.  They can be quite persistant, but if you simply fail to react, after a while, they get bored and move on to greener pastures.  Remember, they're only there for their "fix", and if they can't get it, they won't stick around. 


On the Internet, we've always had trolls, and no one has ever found a way to deal with them, or force them to go away.  It's like picking at a scab...the more you play with it, the worse it gets. 


If you wind up with a troll problem...just remember they are OUTSIDER trolls.  Not an evil part of our community.  They HAVE their community, a community of trolls and nasty, hurtful people.  No matter what lies they tell you, don't believe them.  As soon as you realize you're dealing with a troll, immediately forget whatever they told you (99% chance it's a lie), and stop communicating with them entirely. 


We have a City to save.  For Good or for Evil.  :-)  Those guys?  The biggest losers in the world.  And they know it, or they'd be building instead of destroying. 


Put your hands in the air

Let me see you out there,

Cause I'm not going to leave you behind.

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