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Kami's Builds

Kami Tsunami

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Welp... I made myself do it, here are my builds up for download. I know they aren't all perfect. So before saying what you want just know that I couldn't care less. I just feel someone somewhere will find my builds helpful. And that's all the solace I need 😃


Have fun!


(Moved from General Discussion)

Blaster- Agent Dread (DP.MC).mxd Blaster- Stachel (Archery.NT).mxd Blaster- Turbonator (AR.Time).mxd Brute- Blizzard Cat (Savage.Ice).mxd Brute- Fierce Deity (TW.Regen).mxd Brute- Khairon (MA.WP).mxd Brute- Nether Rider (PsiM.DA).mxd Brute- Prodigy 13 (SS.Inv).mxd Controller - Mewow (Mind.FF).mxd Controller- Mind-Flip (Illusion.Dark).mxd Controller- Zip-Zap (Elec.Kin).mxd Corruptor- Dr. Aran (Energy.Emapthy).mxd Corruptor- Icerman (Ice.Cold).mxd Corruptor- Jack Fier (BR.Thermal).mxd Corruptor- Mr. Opioid (Rad.Pain).mxd Defender- Curupira (TA.Psy).mxd Defender- Grave Ivy (Nature.Dark).mxd Defender- Quantania (Time.Sonic).mxd Dominator- Jungled (Plant.Savage).mxd Dominator- Ka Lua Pele (Fire.Earth).mxd Mastermind- Mu'Rhen (Ninjas.EA).mxd Peacebringer- Chamali (GDPB).mxd Scrapper- Godhunter (Battle Axe.Elec).mxd Scrapper- Kanniu (Kin.Energy).mxd Scrapper- Mikau (Claws.Ice).mxd Scrapper- Slashpoint (Savage.SR) alt.mxd Scrapper- Worca Schey (Katana.SR).mxd Sentinel- Anti-Light (Dark.Energy).mxd Sentinel- Colonel Falcon (Fire.Elec).mxd Sentinel- Kami Tsunami (Water.Rad).mxd Stalker- Hazard 5 (DB.Bio).mxd Stalker- Nova Hex (EM.Sheild).mxd Stalker- Static-Frost (ElecM.Ice).mxd Tanker- Apokolyte (Invul.EnM).mxd Tanker- Captain Marine (WP.Staff).mxd Tanker- Emperor Koopa (Fire.Spines).mxd Tanker- Macrowave (Fire.Rad).mxd Tanker- Pyrock (Stone.Fire).mxd Tanker- Swiiiiish (SR.DM).mxd Warshade- Chanubi (Human only).mxd

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