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MinotaursDen-19096 New Base

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I posted it on Base forums already but this is the server forum thought I would post it here also.  Just got back into COH since the original shutdown and seen how much they revamped the base.  Me and a long time friend just created a Villain Sg to get back into the fun we had years ago.  I am apart of "Genovese Rising" and I will usually be on "Dark Tybulldog".  Ask away or if you'd like to come join.  I do have a working base and just want to have fun with what CoH: Homecoming has to offer.  I will be making a Minotaur Labyrinth style for you to try out and have some fun at the maze.  There will be a winner circle(only accessible by completing the (enclosed maze).  Hope to see some screenshots of people in there once it is completed.  Just started at it so I will update when its finished.  Right now there will be 2 levels( possibly more if its gets some hits).  You will start at the top level, enjoy the scenery and hit the tp to go to the maze.  Once you figure out the maze and hit the correct tp you will go to the winner's circle(which will be enclosed on the main level) and hopefully take some screenshots to post.  I will have a tp from the winner's circle to go back to base portal.   Hopefully not too many will need the /stuck command to get back to base portal from the maze.


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A little update.  It is coming along nicely.  I should have the Labyrinth done in a few days.  Then off to work on the main floor of sight seeing and winner's circle.  Not to show too much of the Labyrinth but heres a little peak.  Still not sure what colors I should do for the letters.  Any suggestions??


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Heres some more screenshots.  No I'm not showing you the labyrinth. 😉   The one with the 4 broken walls is the starting point of the Labyrinth. All broken walls are considered a path.  Will it be the right path?  Guess you will have to find out when its completed. Also made a Doctor Who reference.  Labyrinth is just about finished.  Should be enclosing it shortly.  The man fishing and his partner(woman with scroll) are the ones who summoning the Minotaur and shadow demons.  The  mushroom portals are the portals to jump to another area or exit.










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OK Guys.  Minotaurs Den is now LIve.  Still alot more to do up top on Main entrance.  But Labyrinth is finished and the Winner's Circle is enclosed.  Alot more work to be done but it is fully operational now. 🙂




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