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What We Do In the Shadows

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For about the past year, I've been making toons based on the cast from What We Do in the Shadows, the FXX series about four dysfunctional vampires and their beleaguered servant. 


For all these toons, I included Boxing/Tough/Weave for Defense and Damage Resistance bonuses, Panacea: Chance for + Hit points/Endurance, Miracle: +Recovery, and Numina's Convalescence: Regeneration/Recovery in Health, and 2 Endurance Modifications in Stamina. I didn't do anything unusual for Incarnates. I selected the ones that are appropriate for the AT.  All of them have Rularuu Lore pets because I like giant eyeballs. Otherwise, these builds were mainly inspired by role playing, and I'm sure many of you can think of more efficient builds. Have at it.


Nandor Relentless - They would call me relentless because I would never relent.


This character was my first adaptation, and my realization that it's really hard to make a CoH toon that encapsulates all of a vampire's abilities, such as transforming into a bat or wolf, hypnotizing prey, dissolving into mist, and draining blood. At least the flying part is easy. The P2W vendor has Coyote form, or I could make a human/animal hybrid as a costume choice. Mists are Auras. If I wanted to able to hypnotize, I'd have to play a hold class, but they have no melee. I'd rather play a melee class and approximate some sort of control by generating aggro, so I first tried Dark Melee/Stone Armor on a Brute. That didn't work well because I kept running out of END. I tried a couple other combinations and eventually settled for a Willpower/Dark Melee Tank. Dark Melee is what vampires do, siphoning the life of enemies and adding to their own strength. Willpower is great for recovering END and health, and adding that to its damage mitigation powers even makes blows from GMs bounce. 


I added Soul Mastery and Leadership mainly for role playing purposes. This build solos well but takes a little time to completely destroy enemies. That is why Nandor must be relentless! 


Jackie Daytona - Actually, this is an alter ego Laszlo used when he fled a debt. The key to his disguise was a toothpick, but that's unavailable in costume accessories.


I had actually created this toon before settling on Nandor's final creation. I really hate running out of END, so I chose WP as the secondary powerset to Dark Melee for a Brute. Again, Dark Melee is appropriate for a vampire, and I hadn't tried WP before. The combo worked perfectly, so that inspired me to use it for Nandor as a Tank. 


Jackie Daytona was a lot of fun to play, and moreover could actually solo Lord Recluse in the Patron Arc. I'd always had to call for help before, but Jackie managed to nail it, thanks to loading my Insps with large Reds, Blues, Purples and Greens. I added Mace Mastery for a little range help and an extra pet. Lazslo does like gimmicks.


Nadja of Antipaxos - I didn't find out "of Antipaxos" was her surname until the third season. I used "Kalampor" initially because Google said it was a common Romany surname. IRL, Antipaxos is a Greek island with only 20 inhabitants.


I had made a Poison/Fire Defender before, based on a build I found in these forums, and had a lot of fun with it. I toyed with the idea of using an AT with Poison as the Secondary set to see if my damage output would be better in a Primary set. The Corrupter class fills that category nicely. 


Nadja doesn't really display any powers in the show. She said in one episode "climbing" was her forte, and she once ripped the heart out of a vampire because he was being a punk, but that's about it. So, I went back to the vampiric hypnosis aspect and selected Psychic Blast as her primary. It has both damage and holds for increased versatility. It worked really well in the Prisoner Breakout phase of BAF. PB disoriented the runners, Poison provided holds, and I could use Psychic Wail to kill off the remainders. I've played her both as ranged and holds for Hami. I added Dark Mastery as her Ancillary set because vampire.


She does OK soloing, but struggles against boss types. Still, Nadja's interesting to play because she reminds me of the Scarlet Witch from MCU. She discombobulates enemies similarly to Wanda's hex powers, and then destroys their minds while they're recovering.


Colin Robertson - "Robinson" wasn't available as a name. Otherwise, Colin has some thoughts about Paragon City's zoning ordinances.


Since Colin's an energy vampire, I selected the powers that decrease END. I made him a Corrupter with Electrical Blast/Cold Domination. Every power in EB drains END, which is ideal. However, I'm reluctant to assign I/O sets to them because none of the purples increase END drain as far as I can tell. There's only 2 (mostly) orange sets for Endurance Modification, and I don't want to pass up too many purples or the Corrupter sets. I'll work it out as I go along. I do enjoy watching those blue bars go empty. I've yet to completely sap a GM, but I can get them down to about 2/3rds empty before the other players kill them. I chose Electricity Mastery as the Ancillary set, because it has more END drain, of course.


Role playing Colin is fun. It's best to show up for Hami raids an hour early, so I fill the wait time by copying and pasting boring information from CoH wikis into League chat. I covered just about everything nobody wanted to know about he Circle of Thorns once. 


Guillermo de la Cruz - my newest WWDOITS toon, and he's not Veteran yet. I'm levelling him solely in Halloween events. 


Since it turned out Guillermo has Van Helsing ancestry, he can kill vampires easily and often times accidentally. I chose a Dual Blades/Regeneration Scrapper build for him, and made his weapons look as close to wooden stakes as possible in costume creation. He's fun to play, seeing that bulky body do acrobatic moves with his stakes. I don't like Regeneration as much as I do WP, but I'll stick with it for now. Maybe I'll make another Guillermo with Super Reflexes or Ninjitsu as Secondary later. I haven't decided on an Ancillary set yet, but I'm leaning towards Weapon Mastery to give him some ranged ability.


Happy Halloween everybody!

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