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New Heroic Arcs: More Tsoo Shenanigans

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Before the game was shut down, I was working on a series of arcs with the idea that they could serve as an alternative option for new characters.  The end goal was to be able to allow a character to play through one related story while doing most of their leveling.  Of course that plan didn't happen, but I did want to get what I had so far completed and published so at least a lot of the work wasn't wasted. 


I also see some authors who have pulled off these larger series, so while I am a bit nervous to post here for feedback and come up short, it would be nice to see if what I did worked and what I can do to polish them up.  


The arcs are meant for low level characters, but the level range supported is mostly 1-54.  In the 3rd arc, there is an enemy group with a minimum level of 20 in the last mission.  I am hoping the arcs contain enough leveling so a character can hit 20 by that last mission. 


The plan is for a 4th arc but I am having some trouble finishing it, so I wanted to publish these three first. 


I may be a little bit rusty on the lore/continuity as of shut down, so please feel free to point out where I made any mistakes.  My starting point is at least that the arc "Tsoo Shenanigans" has happened. 


The Arc IDs are:

44446, 44447, 44448


Thanks in advance for the feedback. 



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