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I surprised myself with this build once I saw the numbers.  It's definitely overkill on the Defense side of the house and lacking the resists in E/N/F/C, but I found it extremely interesting.  I believe the damage output is a little low, but that is negated somewhat by the debuffs it's throwing out there.


I haven't built it to test it yet (short on merits), but thoughts?

Possible Controller Dark-Dark-Mace.mxd

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I don't know much about mace, but I know a bit about Dark/Dark


Put three slot in Stamina, the Darkety Dark Troller powers are end hungry. With that build, you will constantly run out of end. Soul absorbtion helps, but it is only great on team when there are tons of foes dead or alive, in one spot. 


I'd rather have the haunts than possess. The haunts do decent damages and have fear. Furthermore, you can Proc them for pet damage resist, like the Umbra beast, so you can add 20% of damage resist to all your pets that way (10% per proc). Soulbound allegiance is great for the Umbra Beast, but I would sacrifice one slot (of soulbound allegiance) for a pet damage resist. But keep the chance for build-up.


Twilight grasp needs at least an accuracy (Numina's IO set has no accuracy). You have nothing to boost your tohit or and you do not have defense debuff, so you need to slot the accurate powers with at least one accuracy. 


Shadow field is your AoE hold. I would recommend slotting it with 6 slots, for Hold duration and recharge. There, you could slot something like the Unbreakable Constraint set 


Not slotting for hold duration your primary single target hold is risky, especially if you have to face more than one boss at a time. At lower lever, it will do, but later on, when more and more foes resist holds, stacking holds can keep you alive.


You didn't take the Dark Servant! This pet is easily Perma and it's like having a pocket dark troller with you. It is one of the best power of Dark affinity. 

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