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DA/StJ Build help


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So, Let's make a short list of what is going on, what's needed, and what I currently have for this character.


-Character is lv. 50

-Primary build is crap, using secondary build to rebuild for now

-No incarnate levels yet. Haven't even begun those.

-Am going Dark Armor/ Street Justice

-Has no experience with the technicalities of slotting, or sets; Just bought level 50 I/O's and threw them in for soft cap effectiveness.


So, establishing that, I really am looking to learn how to make this work in a sense that even a child can figure this out. To that extent, I am looking for:

-A level 1-50 Build That allows for maximum effectiveness of power slots, power selection, even accolade uses for max hp increase and the like.

-An explanation as to what the pros/cons are of this build, and if I've scuppered myself upon getting it to 50 through grinding

-Suggestions as to what might be a good tank build for the next time I make one.



Hopefully that isn't too much of a mess to ask for; I know it's presumptuous, but after looking through the last thirty pages and hitting back in january of 2020, I figured I might as well throw my own plea for help in here. Thanks for your time, and consideration!

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