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Today the powers to be took my title of this topic, which also was my heroes name. Claiming its offensive... Now I dont know what communist country runs this game.. but last I checked this game wouldnt be here if it wasnt for us.. Airborne is a proud and fantastic unit respected by all...let alone the fact that if I had said another division not as well known I would still have my name in game... since this has happen without even any communication with me is a slap to this veteran face...I earned that right.. I have uninstalled the game now.. And I will never be back.. Furthermore I posted on the base how this game is offended by the military. Then gave my daughter a call. She writes for the Static Line news.. I will try to get her to post the events in there also.. 6 of our units used to play together on your great game... Now we will be movin on and spending our money elsewhere.. and hopefully if its posted on the bases, u will lose players.. Eitherway u lost 7-10 alrdy.. God Bless

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