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Multiple 'Information' screen issues.


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While working on a personal project I noticed several discrepancies in the power 'information' screens (both in character creator and in the enhancement screen pop-up), detailed below from simplest to most involved. I have not tested to see if it is anything beyond just incorrect info, or if there are actual mechanical effects as well.


1. Tanker - Energy Melee - Total Focus - Missing entry for Fiery Embrace bonus damage.


2. Tanker - Stone Melee - all attacks - Primary attack damage is listed as 'Only using Fiery Embrace'.


3. Tanker - Any attack applying % chance for ticks of damage (Fiery Melee, Psionic Melee, Savage Melee, Spines) - 'Average Damage' does not seem to correlate to any formula of base damage + tick damage that I could decipher.


4, Tanker - Any attack applying ticks of damage that also has Fiery Embrace listed with ticks of damage, but NOT if Fiery Embrace is listed with a lump sum bonus - 'Average Damage' is being calculated from base damage + ticks of damage + ticks of FE bonus damage (But NOT including FE lump sum damage), leading to incorrect 'Average Damage', 'Damage Per Activation Time' since that is just (Average Damage/Activation Time), and 'Damage Per Cast Cycle' since that is (Average Damage /(Activation Time + Recharge Time)).

Powers affected - 

Broad Sword - Whirling Sword
Dark Melee - Shadow Maul
Dark Melee - Touch Of Fear
Dark Melee - Midnight Grasp
Dual Blades - Nimble Slash
Dual Blades - Power Slice
Dual Blades - Ablating Strike
Dual Blades - Typhoon's Edge
Dual Blades - One Thousand Cuts
Energy Melee - Barrage
Ice Melee - Frost
Ice Melee - Freezing Touch
Katana - Gambler's Cut
Katana - The Lotus Drops
Radiation Melee - Proton Sweep
Staff Fighting - Guarded Spin
Staff Fighting - Eye Of The Storm
Staff Fighting - Innocous Strikes
Staff Fighting - Sky Splitter

After a quick glance at the other AT's with access to Fiery Embrace, it seems to be common to all of them.



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