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Difficulty setting for Solo-Archvillains does not work


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I switched my solo difficulty to Elite Boss for one mission, and then switched back to solo AV. But the game will not spawn solo AV now. I even logged off overnight and checked the next day, still AVs are spawning as EB.


I also tried switching back to EB and back to AV again. Still only spawns as EB.


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Hi, I figured out that I had solo bosses turned off, turning this setting back on made the AV setting work again. So I suppose it is a bug that you cannot get solo AVs with solo bosses off.


Although I am still seeing an issue where I am set to +1, I have reset this mission several times now and it's about 50/50 whether the EB/AV spawns as level 51 or level 49. So that's weird.

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