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LRSF: Ms Liberty behavior

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So I've been spending this morning attempting to solo the LRSF,  and it's been going fine...until the Ms Liberty fight.


Now, this fight is an absolute cakewalk in a team, much like the entire LRSF is these days with Incarnates. But while soloing it, I've encountered several problems with the fight that make it almost impossible to complete, problems that--were Incarnates not so obscenely strong as to trivialize the fight--would undoubtedly be an issue for a normal team as well.


The main issue is Ms Liberty's "For Liberty!" buff, the one that is supposed to be negated by the Orestes Rifle power. The Rifle does what it says on the tin: it negates Ms Liberty's power-up, but there's a couple of catches:


1) Ms Liberty gets to attack before her buff animation finishes, which means she gets to attack before the Rifle's draw animation finishes. That means she always gets a free, super-buffed attack off before it is even possible for the player to counter with the Rifle.


2) The For Liberty! buff's cooldown is shorter than the Rifle's, if it has a cooldown at all. I've had her re-buff several times while the Rifle was still on cooldown, making it literally impossible to deal with her insane buffed attacks.


I understand that soloing TFs isn't exactly a good indicator of their issues, but in this case I would consider these significant enough issues to warrant changes. Simply increasing her buff's cast time to match or exceed the Rifle's draw time, and increasing its cooldown to match the Rifle's, would make this a much less frustrating experience.


For the record, I did finally beat it after an hour plus of trying, but I got lucky: she only used the powerup once, and missed with the follow-up attack.


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