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"Rescue Dr. Archos" Nowhere to Go?

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First off, huge thanks to Balanced (in game Character name) for their help trying to figure out if I was missing anything. We spent a few minutes looking at things and were unable to figure anything out. I ended up using the "oh shart" autocomplete option to get through this...even though it feels like cheating deep down. :(


Anyway, before I explain the situation, I did look at the clues I have, I called and visited my contacted in person, read all the text several times over, and even visited https://cityofheroes.fandom.com/wiki/Miriam_Bloechl and https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Mission:Common_-_Defeat_Warriors_to_find_location_of_Dr._Archos to try and cover my bases. I also did a quick search on the forum here, just in case. I'm not the best researcher, but I feel I did my due diligence.


Basically, I have no information or indicator on where to proceed. It doesn't tell me a zone, nor does it have an indicator where to goto. Sometimes you do have to read a bit to figure it out, but after reading everything I can find, I am convinced there is honestly no indication on how to proceed.


Now, the "it was probably my fault" part. I sometimes like to do those "Kill X of Y anywhere" missions INSIDE other missions that have the right enemies. The step before this one is, in fact, "Kill 30 Warriors Anywhere", so I did that. When it that mission completed I ignored it and continued the mission I was in. After I got out of the unrelated mission I called my contact about the 30 warriors that was completed along the way. I am not sure what happened but I saw I had the rescue mission and tried to start on it, only to find the issue at hand.


How I have done these-multipart missions before, without any real issue. Do one mission and you automatically get another without calling the contact. However, I think I might have garbled something by completing the previous step inside something else. I also may have missed a crucial step in the ambush I received once I got back from the mission (the unrelated one I was doing) I was in. Either way I just don't have the information I need to complete this.


I used the autocomplete option so this is mostly just to record my misadventure. I apologize if I missed some information online somewhere.

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