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Control Your Matermind Pets with Elgato Stream Deck - My gift to you!

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A few days ago I posted about controlling MM pets with an Elgato 3x5 button Stream Deck.  After using it for a bit, I found a couple of bugs with some of the functions. The main issue, was some functions were not selecting a pet before casting an equip or upgrade, and one issue with the number-pad enter key not being recognized in the Stream deck macro program as unique to the regular enter key.  After deciding to revamp the files for my Bots MM, I decided to go full in and do it for all Mastermind  primaries. I hope many of you find it useful.




Full capabilities of standard Mastermind number-pad keybinds (slightly modified files)

Powerset icons for each primary with overlay text for ease of use

custom Icons for multi-function keys.


Additional functions


The ability to summon all pets with a single key

Both equip and upgrade with single key

Dismiss all pets with single key

Bind file info:

I have modified a set of the basic number-pad keybinds to function with the stream deck and BarRaider super macro plugin.


The most obvious change is Pet upgrades have been changed from Numpad enter to Page down key


I also added a bind to the page up key to select the first available pet in your pet list. This helps with a macro added to do both pet upgrades with a single button press


I personally like my pets to report when I select a group, so the bots.txt is modified as such and any of the other can be done the same way.


All bind files should be extracted and placed in the Homecoming/setting/live folder if you place them in a different folder the paths will have to be changed within the files


Load the appropriate file for your primary:

/bindloadfile xxx.txt


Beast Mastery - Beast.txt

Robotics - Bots.txt

Demon Summoning - SummonDemons.txt

Mercenaries - Mercs.txt

Ninjas -Ninjas. txt

Thugs - Thugs.txt

Necromancy - necro.txt

Stream Deck info:

For the Stream Deck make sure to BarRaider Super macro plugin is installed.

After unzipping the file containing to profiles, open the appropriate profile by double clicking on it and it will be automatically added to your stream deck profile list. That's it!


According to Elgato's documentation the profiles should be completely portable including all Icons. I was unable to test this, due to lack of another PC for testing.


Enjoy 🙂






Stream deck Mastermind profiles.zip MM keybinds for streamdeck.zip

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On 5/31/2022 at 6:52 AM, tairovix said:


I'm in need of little help.

Can you tell me how can I use this with Loupedeck Live (second on the list https://streammentor.com/stream-deck-alternative/)?

Is it even possible?


Thank you in advance.

I honestly could not tell you anything about the  how to make this work on the Loupedeck. I only have a stream deck, and this was one of those little projects to help me learn all of the macro tools.

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