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Things Newsies should be saying


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  • Stand And Deliver: The SENTINELS are here!
  • Heroes becoming more powerful than ever!  Learn about Custom XP Rates!
  • Recruting from across the pond!  Hear about our international Reunion!
  • Vanguard awarding merits for destroying pylons!  Heroes and villains committing mass architectural violence!
  • Violent fighting to begin again...?!  The Arena is open once more!
  • Veteran Levels!  It's a number!  That gets bigger!  Excitement!
  • Can anything be more exciting than opening a brand new Super Pack?  I don't think so!
  • Superbases getting BIG!  And being built outside!
  • Pay 2 Win Corp. branching out in Grandville and the Shadow Shard!  More in the Business section!
  • Heroes travelling across "shards!"  Give our new neighbors a Paragon City welcome!
  • ICON is awarding their own badges now!  But what could they award badges for...?
  • Heroes becoming picky eaters, rejecting inspirations and recipes!  What does this mean for the markets?
  • Paragon Police no longer summoning endless reinforcements!  Police union demands back overtime pay!
  • Need to move with stealth and honor?  You need NINJA TRAINING!
  • A truce between Paragon City and the Rogue Isles, mediated by Praetorians?  Kallisti Wharf is reborn!
  • Feeling the summer heat!  Cool down with WATER!
  • Kheldians coming out of their bubbles?  But how?
  • Wentworth's teaming up with gig economy service Mook to deliver auction house goods almost anywhere!  It's /ah!
  • What do the Carnival of Light, Banished Pantheon, Circle of Thorns, and Legacy Chain have in common?  They're inspiring MAGICAL fashion at Icon!
  • It's new!  It's shiny!  It's not fully implemented, but it's fun anyways!  It's CEL SHADING!
  • Why's everyone falling down?  They must be subject to SUDDEN ACCELERATION!
  • Bows have never been hotter now that Paragon City is stocking Tactical Arrows!
  • All that experimentation in Terra Volta's paid off - Heroes experimenting with Atomic Manipulation!
  • Is that a nuclear weapon?  A Rikti Bomb!  No!  It's Radiation Melee and Radiation Armor!
  • Ever needed more hours in the day?  Now you can, with Temporal Manipulation!

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