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SOLD In-Character Roleplay - Base for Sale - Garden Grove Road (Listing ID: FAV1130-74)


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((OOC: This is an advert for the sale of a base. It is intended to facilitate the roleplay of a house purchase as one might in real life. The listing will be as authentic as possible, you may request a private viewing in character and you may place an offer if you wish. If you put an offer in on the base (with in-game currency), your offer is binding and you will purchase the base if your offer is accepted. Please read the details carefully.))

Welcome to Garden Grove Road!

A detached family home surrounded by gardens and greenery. The home features 2 floors, each with large, floor-to-ceiling windows, a garage and a bonus family room. Open concept main living area with living room, dining area and kitchen. Private office on main floor, bedrooms on second floor. Bonus room area away from sleeping areas. Large terrain; gardens all around the house and deck with swimming pool.

$200,000,000 influence

#8 Garden Grove Road

Listing ID: FAV1130-74


Property Type: Single family

Building Type:  Detached

Parking: Garage; Detached

Community Name: Garden Grove

Annual Property Taxes: $46,341


Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 2.5 (2-full, 1 ½-bath)


Fire protection: Integrated system with tablet application. Can be integrated to personal devices.

House alarm: Integrated system with tablet application. Can be integrated to personal devices.

Heating: Central heating

Cooling: Central air conditioning


Concrete, glass


Main floor: entrance, entry, living room, dining area, kitchen, office, half bath

2nd floor: master bedroom, master bath, master closet, bedroom, full bath, library, hall to bonus area, bonus family room

Other: garage, deck, swimming pool, extensive gardens


Compact, yet spacious home! Great for a growing family or people who enjoy entertaining. Large floor-to-ceiling windows, hand forged iron work, lots of storage cabinets and storage shelves. The kitchen boasts state of the art appliances, ample cabinet storage and infinite capacity for entertaining. Outer deck area, swimming pool with large surface for lounge chairs, vast gardens full of brightly colored flowers and plants. Detached 2-car garage. Furniture, appliance and décor packages included. Lots of space to make this home your dream home!


Sidney-Lynne Faverty

Faverty Industries & Development


To request a viewing:

Contact: In-game e-mail @Faverty Industries


((OOC: Join Faverty Events Discord and know when new builds are in the construction phase! Enjoy mid-construction pictures as well as extra listing pictures. https://discord.gg/Wq4P7WNjm2 ))


  • Serious roleplaying requests only.
  • No god-modding, robberies, sexual content or otherwise.
  • Roleplay is intended to mimic ‘real-life’ as much as possible. However, I am not a realtor and do not know the exact ins and outs of the real estate market.
  • Offers: offers are limited to what can be provided in-game. The listing states the cost, but you can offer below, at and above the listing price. You can offer other services and/or items that are found in-game only.
  • Just because you put in the first offer, doesn’t mean your offer will be accepted. You may adjust your offer up until the point the property moves in escrow. The listing will be marked sold when it has been purchased. All offers will get a response within a reasonable amount of time. You will be notified both if your offer is accepted or not accepted.
  • As with real life realtors, I ask that the honor system be used. I will not manipulate roleplay (ex: say there is an offer to get more influence, when there is no offer) and I will expect the same from you. If you say you want to meet at a certain time for a viewing, please show up or leave an IC message explaining your delay or absence. Please be respectful and courteous.
  • Once your offer has been accepted, you will be invited to the supergroup to which the base is attached. You will have 2 (real time) days to transfer the funds via the in-game mail system or in character. Once the transfer has been received, I will remove all my characters from the base and provide instructions to change the base code. If you do not communicate with me if there is a delay, you will be removed from the supergroup and acceptance of your offer will be rescinded. I will then, consider other offers.
  • I am not taking commissions or base building jobs.


Outer 1.jpg

Outer 2.jpg

Outer 3.jpg

Main 1.jpg

Main 4.jpg

Office 2.jpg

Bedroom 1.jpg

Bonus 2.jpg

Reading 2.jpg

Garage 1.jpg

Outer 8.jpg

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ohhh my goodness. Definitely gonna try again.

I am @Chrono-Bot! SGs: Girls Gone Rogue Isles, The Helping Hands, The Orange Bagels, Paragon's Perfectly Normal Heroes. Server: Everlasting! See my characters, now with photos, below!




I'm not NOT here to make friends.

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  • PotatoLove changed the title to SOLD In-Character Roleplay - Base for Sale - Garden Grove Road (Listing ID: FAV1130-74)

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