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The Black Hand Society presents: The Monsters' Ball ((Villain ONLY RP Event, Saturday March 26th))


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The Black Hand Society, Everlasting’s Blue Collar Villain RPVG, proudly presents a celebration of crime and festival of infamy, the first ever Monsters' Ball! Join us for an afternoon of Redside RP and activities at the illustrious Vault Luxe on Saturday March 26th from 4pm to 9pm EST, entry admitted at the Cap Au Diable Base Portal.

Schedule of Events

4pm: Doors Open
5pm: Take your chances on the 
Blood Boat, a gladiatorial cargo ship AE against the hardest lot Paragon City has to offer! Prizes of $10 to $30 Million Infamy for teams of 1 to 3!
6pm: Looking to crew up? Prove your mettle to the Black Hand on a run of the Brass Tuesday Arc, Level 40 minimum requirement. 7 spots available.
Concept Contest: It’s not enough to look good, you gotta have a bad idea. Ours is a combination Costume and Bio contest, where interesting ideas have to match awesome costumes. All entrants are expected to have at least a basic description of their characters. Prize categories are as follows:
-1st Place: $300 Million Infamy
-2nd Place: $200 Million Infamy
-3rd Place: $100 Million Infamy
-“This is Suicide”: Best Suicide Squad C-Lister Style Villain, $25 Million Infamy
-All that’s Sinister is often Silver: Best Silver Age of Comics Style Villain, $25 Million Infamy
8pm: Cool off for the night with a “friendly” game of 
Poker hosted by Horror Frost. $1,000,000 buy in, 9 spots available, please have either dual monitors available or be able to easily tab in and out. $25 to $50 Million Pot Prize to player with the most won hands and biggest pot; prize will be divided if these are different players. https://discord.gg/8Vughge2?event=954186155308515388

NO CAPES: Heroes and non-residents of the Rogue Isles will not be admitted (IE, Rogues and Villains only). 
Team Chat: Local chat is perfectly fine, but for extended conversation among groups please form a team and use that chat as a house courtesy. 
Get Carded: We're Villains, not irresponsible. Non-adult characters are not to be admitted. 
RP Preferred: Whether you are casual or hardcore, RPers of all walks are welcome.
We’re Villains, Not Jackasses: No Griefing, God-Moding, or Trolling. Being a villain doesn’t mean you can’t have some manners and professional courtesy.


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