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Fairy Tales Base Everlasting


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Started a base for my character Fairy Tales on Everlasting.  Her backstory is she is a fairy from a different realm or dimension that is falling to a darkness that sweeps the land.  Her parents send her to the human realm with her godmother to keep her safe.  To protect her from having the darkness track her magic Fairy Tales mother takes away her magic and places it in a spell book and conceals it in a book of children's stories and fairy tales.  To retrieve her magic fairy tales must enter the stories and find the magic within.


Base is a work in progress and progress has been slow. Everlasting server: fairytales-23872


Still plan on building a large castle and again it needs a lot of work but wanted to show off some of the progress.


From the main library click the portal in the first book to enter the stories. from here you will be taken to the village entrance.

As you cross the bridge you will see the troll at the gates representing the 3 Billie Goats Gruff.  Working on an AE arc for this where you assist Fairy Tales in playing out this story.  The Troll Bridge Riddles unlocks the text of the spell book so Fairy Tales can retrieve her magic.







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Next up we have Jack and the Beanstalk.  This story contains the seeds/roots of Fairy Tale's magic.  The Giant's House is a vault of magic treasures and artifacts.


*fly is your friend here. Portal in the giants mouth takes you into the vault.







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