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New Fire Farm - Feel the Byrne: Outdoor Map


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I've been playing around with variations of Briggs' farms and for whatever reason I got stuck on the idea fighting comic book legend John Byrne. Yea. So I made him a bad guy (he keeps writing himself into this CoH universe) who pulls in other heroes or creators from his dimension and/or taking over this world's super team the Altimates. In this adventure he and the Altimates have captured 10 of Marvel and DC's greatest writers and artists. The goal is to kill everything as fast as you can (as always), but it's kind of fun to save Brian Bendis, Marv Wolfman, the late George Perez, and others. 


If you feel like running a fire farm and wouldn't mind some feedback, it's arc id: 49267 by @SnarkerPoe. Title: Feel the Byrne: Outdoor Map


Thanks in advance

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