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Dream Doctor did not give me the last mission Investigate Praetor Duncan's SOS


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In order to receive the Bailout Hero badge, you must complete Dream Doctor's The Dilemma of Diabolique story arc by completing the Dilemma Diabolique iTrial while having the mission from Dream Doctor to complete it.  


I did the arc through Dream Doctor and completed it up to the point he failed to give me the last mission "Investigate Praetor Duncan's SOS."  He disappeared from both active and inactive contacts so I could not contact him in any way.  After that I found a toon that did have the mission and completed it with her and received the mission from Dream Doctor to do the Dilemma Diabolique trial.  While that trial was active in my missions, I completed the Dilemma Diabolique trial.  The mission was removed from my mission list and I did not receive the Bailout Hero badge.   I also have not been able to receive the AE energized badge.  My toon has received inspirations on AE arcs many times, but has not received the badge.

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