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SOLD - In-Character Roleplay - Base for Sale - OPEN HOUSE - 9182 Bradside Road (Listing ID: FAV43-7865)


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((OOC: This is an advert for the sale of a base. It is intended to facilitate the roleplay of a house purchase as one might in real life. The listing will be as authentic as possible. This event is an OPEN HOUSE. If you put an offer in on the base (with in-game currency), your offer is binding and you will purchase the base if your offer is accepted. Please read the details carefully.))

Welcome to 9182 Bradside Road!

An ultra-modern multi-level detached home located in Talos. Gated community. Natural privacy hedge. Extensive decorative garden with mature trees and vegetation. Extra large windows. Spacious floor plan. 3 bedrooms, large open entertaining area. Attached garage. Deck and hot tub. Upper floor balconies.


$380,000,000 influence

9182 Braside Road (Northen Talos Island area)

Listing ID: FAV43-7865


Property Type: Single family

Building Type:  Detached

Parking: Attached

Community Name: North Talos

Annual Property Taxes: $308,965


Bedrooms: 3 (2 masters)

Bathrooms: 4 (3-full, 1 half bath)


Fire protection: Integrated system with tablet application. Can be integrated to personal devices.

House alarm: Integrated system with tablet application. Can be integrated to personal devices.

Heating: Solar heat pump

Cooling: Central air conditioning powered by heat pump


Various masonry work, wood, glass.


Main floor: entry, kitchen, dining room, living area, half bath, main floor master, deck access, garage

Second floor: Family room, reading area, bedroom with walk-in closet and balcony, full bath, office, master bedroom with private washroom, walk-in closet and balcony

Outer environment: deck with eating area and hot tub, spacious grassy areas, planter beds with colourful, mature vegetation, 6 foot hedge surrounding the property.


Sidney-Lynne Faverty

Faverty Industries & Development

Discord: https://discord.gg/Wq4P7WNjm2


Open House Details:

Friday, May 27 11:00pm-12;30am ET

Contact: In-game e-mail @Faverty Industries

Private tours not available due to distance. Open house is self-guided with realtor on-site to answer questions and concerns.

Be courteous and arrive early enough to leave yourself enough time to tour the home, ask questions, interact with the realtor, etc.

((Base code is: BRAD-24176- will be active only at the time of the open house))


  • Serious roleplaying requests only.
  • Everyone is welcome to attend an open house, whether your character is interested in purchasing or not.

  • OPEN HOUSES are considered in-character roleplay spaces. Please ‘walk’ and refrain from zipping or flying in the home, using aoe powers or otherwise (unless they are specific to your character physiology).

  • No god-modding, robberies, sexual content or otherwise.
  • Roleplay is intended to mimic ‘real-life’ as much as possible. However, I am not a realtor and do not know the exact ins and outs of the real estate market.
  • Offers: offers are limited to what can be provided in-game. The listing states the cost, but you can offer below, at and above the listing price.
    • NOTE: For the open house event, offers will only be taken via private tells or in-game e-mail.
  • Just because you put in the first offer, doesn’t mean your offer will be accepted. You are welcome to revise your offer at anytime until the property is sold. The listing will be marked sold when the transaction is completed. All offers will get a response within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Offers, final sold price and buyer names are private. They will not be disclosed.
  • As with real life realtors, I ask that the honor system be used. I will not manipulate roleplay (ex: say there is an offer to get more influence, when there is no offer) and I will expect the same from you. If you say you want to meet at a certain time for a viewing, please show up or leave an IC message explaining your delay or absence. Please be respectful and courteous.
  • Once your offer has been accepted, you will be invited to the supergroup to which the base is attached. You will have 2 (real time) days to transfer the funds via the in-game mail system or in character. Once the transfer has been received, I will remove all my characters from the base and provide instructions to change the base code. If you do not communicate with me if there is a delay, you will be removed from the supergroup and acceptance of your offer will be rescinded. I will then, consider other offers.
  • I am not taking commissions or base building jobs. If you have a specific request, you can roleplay it with my character.
  • Join the Faverty Events discord for more information on open house guidelines, view extra pictures or to read about future developments : https://discord.gg/Wq4P7WNjm2








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