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City of Heroes has stopped working: A program has caused City of Heroes to stop working properly.


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This is beginning to get under my skin now. I have tried everything. I thought it was Tequila at first so I switched to the HC launcher, doesn't solve anything.
Some days the game works swimmingly other days it works like dog shit, like today. I can't even play for 2 mins without it going haywire. What does it do?: I'll be playing the game normally, it freezes, cuts to a black screen with the music looping, then it kicks me out of the game to a white screen with a pop window that says: City of Heroes has stopped working a program has caused the game to stop working properly. Windows is checking for a solution.
Does anyone else have this problem and how would I fix it? Maybe it's the drivers? Updated. I ran the file as admin and changed the compatibility. I have no idea what is causing can anyone help me figure this out??? This game is unplayable like this! 
Does anyone know what kinds of drivers are needed to play this game functionally?

It will say things like: 
Display driver Nvidia windows kernel mode driver version 47304 has stopped working

Anyone know of a driver that might be compatible for the game I have a Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 TI and apparently the above listed version does not work either that or it is over heating but since it works swimmingly for hours without giving me an issue and this same thing happens to other games it leads me to believe it may be the driver...maybe overheating but further testing it required.

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