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Random Disconnect problem


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Hi everyone,


I have been having a strange problem the past few months, and wonder if anyone might have some advice.


Basically, when I log into CoH and enter the game, after a short while my internet connection gets cut off for everything.  When I go back to windows, it has disconnected from the Wifi, and if I try to reconnect it always says "cannot connect to this network."  So my whole internet gets cut off until I reboot the computer which fixes it.


As long as I don't log into CoH I never have this problem, and sometimes I can play CoH for hours with no disconnect.  But at other random times I disconnect within 5 minutes of entering the game, and have to reboot my whole computer to restore the internet connection.


A very unusual problem no doubt.  I wonder if any of you tech-savvy folks have ever experienced anything like this, and perhaps have a solution?



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If anyone has a similiar problem, allow city of heroes through your window firewall.  I had allowed it through for years and somehow my allowed programs got reset. 


Still odd that it was letting me connect for 5minutes, and I had to reboot my whole computer after getting forcefully disconnected.  But allowing the .exe through the firewall seems to have solved my problem.

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