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Fire/Regen Idea


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I wanted to have a little fun and play with something not many get to go with - regeneration with fire blast.


I've got a good story to go with the character but pondering how to make it work. I'm really bad with builds. Figuring out the numbers, etc, so I thought I'd ask for suggestions. 

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This is my current build and it's pretty unorthodox from what I've seen. Still undergoing a lot of tweaking as I test things like multiple power transfers in autos, how much recovery I actually need, whether to use musculature or spiritual alpha and if I'm willing to use blazing blast over dominate. Blazing blast is annoying, it has an unmodifiable knockback built in, you can get around picking it up by grabbing dominate instead(slightly superior anyway). You can choose to not go for dominate and have an extra power slot for finaggling but in that case you'll want assault to hit similar dps. Just as well I grabbed sorcery purely for mystic flight because it's my fav travel power and thematic but I ended up making rune of protection useful as a mini MoG. You have to take the fighting powers, they're non-negotiable and increase the value of your regen exponentially. Hasten also mandatory as recharge is the only real synergy here. 

The basic thesis is buffing global recharge for MoG up time and to use dominate/blazing blast (proc focused) with blaze in a 2 power rotation. There's about 1.5 sec of extra slack in the rotation to sprinkle in something of your choice. For most things you add in fire ball, and flares only for the opportunity proc but it is surprisingly good in a pinch. This makes you fairly free to focus on the clicky regen stuff if needed as well. Downsides I've found is regen itself, because even though this is the best version of regen you still are a slave to MoG and it is nigh impossible to hit any caps otherwise from what I can tell. Additionally the total regen you can squeeze out is limited by the fairly low hp cap of the AT.


By no means a perfect build but I hope it points ya in the right direction.


| Copy & Paste this data into Mids Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build |
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