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Some Mission Architect questions


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I used to be pretty active in the Mission Architect scene back in the day (and I'm happy to see some fellow authors from The Olden Days uploading their arcs to Torchbearer!) -- it was a great addition to the game that allowed a lot of creative expression (challenge missions, fun/joke missions, farming, story missions, SG content, etc). I was delighted to see that importing my old arcs worked pretty much flawlessly, too!


I am curious about how the server admins see the future of the MA on this server (or I25 in general). Specifically:

  • Farms and farming is a (big) part of the AE, no question about that; however, farms have a tendency to dominate the AE interface over story arcs, which get fewer plays and have lower visibility in general. In the long run, this can make most story arcs borderline impossible to find unless someone knows the name/ID in advance. Back on the MA forums there were some ideas tossed back and forth about this, from entirely user-driven solutions (tags) to drastic stuff like having completely separate browsers for story and farm missions. Any thoughts on this?
  • Are there plans for picking Dev Choice arcs in the future? (I have seen some mention of specific functionality in I25 for this) Would story arcs that had Dev's Choice status on the official servers (contest winners, etc) get grandfathered in?
  • Players used to be able to buy additional MA arc slots up to a maximum of 8; any plans of putting these on the P2W vendor?
  • Is AE content shared between the two servers (or planned to be shared in the future)?


Thanks in advance for any answers, and really glad that COH is alive again! :D

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