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Costume Contest on Everlasting, hosted by Contumax Veritas!


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Hello Everlasting!

The SG Contumax Veritas would like to host a Costume Contest on Everlasting on Aug. 6th at 9pm EST. Bring your best costume, only 1 entry per person, and attempt to win the day! The contest will be held in Kallisti Warf (be there or be a shape with 4 equal sides!)

Over 600 Million influence in total prizes!

There will be door prizes for all who show up (to be determined at the time of the contest based on the number of participants...)

Bio's are encouraged but will not be considered for judging except in the event of a tie breaker!

Any questions? Just ask! 

Find me on Everlasting or Indom as:
Marbing (Psi/Rad Corruptor), Fortunata Moon (Fortunata Widow), Dynanight (Fire/DM Tank), Timesync (Elec/Time Corruptor), Static Sparrow (Elec/TA Controller), Cryopunk (Ice/Cold Controller), Chamelea (SJ/Bio Stalker)Sword Fist (Claws/SR Scrapper), Mangusuu (DP/Nin Blaster), Blink Shot (Beam/Martial Blaster), Gear Fox (Beam/Traps Corruptor), Phonoalgia (Pain/Sonic Defender), Powered (FF/Energy Defender), Nullpunkt (Rad/Kin Corruptor), Black Rain (Fire/Therm Corruptor), Mirror Mage (Ill/Dark Controller),Gravoc (Gravity/Energy Dominator), Mind Pyre (Fire/Psi Dominator), Nettlethorn (Plant/Thorn Dominator), Boggle Blade (Psi/Invuln Stalker), Kelvin White (Ice/Regen Stalker), Dead Haze (Katana/DA Scrapper), Echo Boom (Sonic/EM Blaster), Ceyko (Archery/Time Blaster), Brainwasher (Mind/Poison Controller)Nachteule (DP/Dark Corruptor)Fulgrax (Axe/Elec Armor Scrapper)Void Knife (DB/Ice Stalker)Tryptophan Zombie (Mind/Kin Controller)Indom (WP/Staff Tank), Masuku (Claws/Willpower Stalker)Blackbright (Rad/Energy Sentinel), Bedlam Bane (Sonic/Poison Corruptor), Helena Black (Necro/EA Mastermind), Boom Ranger (Sonic/TA Corruptor), Grave Sentinel (FF/Dark Defender), Dead-Life (DM/Regen Brute)

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