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Stillkiller's Costume Contest Extravaganza Day, Day oH YeAh!


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When: Stillkiller's Costume Contest Extravaganza Day, Day oH YeAh! will be on 9/17/2022 and will be held from 9PM Central Standard time until the stream ends!


Where: Twitch.tv/stillkiller | Stillkiller's Costume Contest Extravaganza Day, Day oH YeAh! will take place on City of heroes in-game as well as in my stream TWITCH.TV/STILLKILLER


What: The whole day/night will be in celebration and honor of all the work the CoH community has currently put into the streaming environment! (Yes that means YOU). We will have plenty of things happening on that day such as:
- Giveaways inside the game and outside the game the whole stream. (Influence, pAcKs, etc...)
- Costume contest (4? Billion in prizes)

Original hero/villain in tights

Work/Everyday clothes to super hero outfit change


The Costume contest will have 6 different themes however all costumes must fall under the Home Coming Code of Conduct you can find these rules here:
Please look over this and understand any Costumes, Names, or Bios referring to any copyrighted character is STRICLY not allowed please do not bring these to this event for our account safety and yours!


How: All you need to do is come into the stream or find us in game! It will be at least 10 hours of what we are planning as a day for the community so if you are able swing in and lets have a good time together!

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