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Hiatus Accolade Complete - Back to Playing!


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Hey been a minute, took a year-ish off from Excel. Had some less than savory experiences with some folks a while back (Pushed me into a slight depressive state). 


Anywho, I've decided to come back simply because those kinds of fools shouldn't ruin this game for me. I've restarted the Supergroup I left off on. I'm here to team up with folks again and no, I don't want advertisements for Events and junk... I just want to play and enjoy the City as it was meant to be.


@The Game Changer is my global. I main Blasters, Brutes, Tanks, and Scraps. I will try anything though. Please drop me a line sometime! Take care!

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- Lost my mind, went looking for it, now I'm lost too... 

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