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Rezzing twice?

Cyber Bishop

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The best way to describe this, I have noticed occasionally when I rez (either from rise of the phoenix, barrier or one of the ones from the p2 vendor) that I'll start to stand up then glitch, be faceplanted then rise up again. This has happened quite a bit on the new ITF (so far 2* - 4*).

I hope that description is ok.

Main toons: Mistress-Six (Blaster), Cyber Bishop (Tank), D-Six (Blaster), Bowmistress (Blaster), Rina-Twelve (Blaster), Blazin' Bow (Blaster), 20 Fathoms (Blaster), Icee Qube (Blaster), Minaton (Tank), Princess Ariel Gabrielle (Tank), Lady Lilia M (Blaster)

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