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Dark Coven Opening - September 25th


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Post Translation:
Sunday, September 25th
7:00PM EST to 9:30PM EST

Dark Coven, the re-animated Gothic themed nightclub
is hosting a One Night Only event once again! With
surprise guest staffing from our sister club, THE BLACK CAT!

Featuring: Helene T. Sanguine as DJ!
Primary Genres: Metal, Industrial, Gothic Rock
Base Code: DARKCOVEN-5519


Blind Costume Contest
The night of, there will be a blind costume contest
taking place at around halfway through the open hours.
Everyone will proceed to the Grand Hall for prizes.

FIVE Veiled Categories
100 Mil Influence Per Category

Be there, or Beware.

All are Invited.
Vampires Drink Free.*

Nightclub Rules:
(A : ) *Vampires are entitled to (1) B Positive glass of blood. Drinks are no longer free past this point.
(B : ) Dark Coven is considered neutral grounds. Invoking violence is punishable by removal or 
Starting a fight forfeits your safety within club grounds. (Assume the same rules as Pocket D.)
(C : ) Likewise, Vampires found draining victims dry or invoking violence is also punishable by
sanctuary rights removed.
(D : ) Vampires are protected under sanctuary rights, and considered allies to the nightclub itself until proven otherwise.
(E : ) Obey
Baroness Eris, and do as she directs.


(Nightclub rules are guidelines for roleplaying within the space. Understand that the rules are solely to promote a healthy environment for roleplayers, add flavor, and to discourage specific behaviors.)

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