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My Character Mr. Bubbly's Back Story/Description.


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The Story of Mr. Bubbly is quite an interesting tale. One day, I believe it was a very boring Thursday, at a Science Facility on Talos Island. A team of Scientists we're experimenting with a special kind of Water from an Asteroid, mixed with a certain rare chemical that was also found in the Asteroid from Space, it had been theorized it was millions of years old. They wanted to see if they could make this bizarre Liquid sentient, after applying some electricity. And in another room, down the hall, there was a Poor Fool, …let’s call him Tom, who unwittingly volunteered to be a Subject for some kind of Taste Test. He was there to try out a New Flavor of some kind of New Soft-Drink, they we’re calling Mr. Bubbly. Apparently, this Facility was being used by multiple Companies, running completely different experiments.


Sometime that evening a Very strong Thunderstorm was moving across the area, the Night Janitor was doing his cleaning and stopped by the one of the rooms, where the Dim-witted Scientists forgot to store this highly chemically induced water from the Asteroid from Space.

While the Janitor was snooping about, he picked up a Mason jar that was full of the liquid that the Scientist had removed from the Asteroid, not sure what motivated him to do that but, he picked it up and set it on his cart and left the room. Unbeknownst to him, about thirty minutes prior during the storm, lighting had struck the building and a chain of electricity flowed through the building into the room and energized the liquid in the jar.


This Poor individual of a Human being, that took the energized liquid, went into the next room down the hall, where the Soda-Testing is done. The Janitor began to clean and snoop and thought to himself...” Hmm...I’m gonna try some of this new stuff!” And preceded to remove a sealable Jug from a small Fridge. After drinking all of the contents in the jug, he decided that that was a bad idea. Not wanting to get into any trouble and lose his job, he decided to replace what he drunk with the liquid that he took from the other room. So, he poured the Liquid into the Jug container that had the new Soft-Drink and put it back in the Fridge. The ever brightest Human, left the Testing room and went on about his night at being a responsible Dimwitted adult.


The next following day, the Scientist came into work and started their day, if you Readers remember Dear Ol’Tom, he came back for another go at being a “Taste-Tester”.  This time, he’s going to experience something far different from just your average run of the mill Taste Test.


Well, everything was going according to plan, the “Liquid” that had been placed back into the Fridge the other night by the Janitor, was nice and chilled, the workers in that department got out a Sample from the Jug and poured Tom a chilled glass on the rocks.  Tom, took the glass, held it for just a moment. Took a sip, and was intrigued by the taste, then downed the whole glass. The Workers and Scientist asked him what he thought, he said it tasted very weird but, thought it was okay and wouldn’t really recommend it to most people. “Left a weird taste in my mouth.” He said, as he grabbed his things and preceded to leave the building. As Tom was driving home, his stomach was feeling very weird and upset. So, he decided to go home and lay down and rest.


Tom, got home, set his keys on his kitchen counter and headed straight for his bedroom. By now, he’s feeling quite lightheaded and dizzy. After laying down on his bed for a moment,

for some reason, he had a strong urge to go to his bathroom and lay in his shower. Thankfully the drain was plugged.  When Tom awoke the next day, he found that he was no longer human, no longer solid. He thought to himself…” What in the Hell is going on? How am I still alive? Am I alive?” He was conscious but, yet he felt like a body of water in his shower. Tom thought to himself…” Think Tom, THINK!! How am I going to get out of here?! What am I going to do with myself? How did this happen to me?!”  Tom concentrated and willed himself out of his shower! He didn’t know how, he was doing it but, he was!  He got to thinking, he remembered he had his Dad’s old underwater tank-like Suit in his basement, that his Father used back in the fifties in the Navy! “Surly, that would work!” Tom thought to himself.” So, with all of his might, he willed himself to slowly move out of the bathroom, thanking to himself at the same time…” I am so glad I didn’t have carpet installed.” He made his way downstairs into his basement and went over to the Suit that he had hanging up in a corner of the basement, well preserved. He kept his Dad’s old Suit downstairs as a safe keeping and had been slowly restoring it over the years. He got the Suit on to the floor and managed to open the head piece and get inside and seal himself in it.


He stood up in the Suit and realized how flexible it was from the inside.

  As he stood there, looking at himself in a mirror in the basement, “I still can’t believe this is real and happening to me!”, Tom thought to himself, with confusion and disbelief. Tom went back upstairs and set on his couch. “I’ve got to call my Best friend Dick; he’ll know what to do!” Tom thought. Tom’s friend Dick arrived and was in utter shock and stunned! He couldn’t believe his eyes. Dick had loads of questions, “How you going to eat, sleep? What are you going to do with your time?” Dick asked Tom.  “I have no idea.” Tom stated. They both stood there in silence, then a light bulb went off in Dick’s head! “I got it!’ Dick proclaimed. “What?!” said Tom. “You could be, …A Superhero!” Dick shouted in excitement. “Pssshh!! Yeah, right!” said Tom. “I’m serous, Tom! I bet you could shoot water out from where your gloves are, at Criminals and help stop Crime!” Dick explained. Tom thought for a moment and stated …” Maybe…” Tom just stood there in silence and Dick asked him… “What’s wrong, what’cha thinking about?”  “Well, …if I’m gonna do this, how am I gonna pay my Rent?” Tom asked. “We’ll figure it out, Buddy!” His Friend Dick stated. And from then on, a New Hero was born that day! Mr. Bubbly!

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