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A New Chapter: From Bookstore to Bard


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((Semi-edited from our SGs website, but I felt like getting this out here as I plan to add onto it))




A loud thud, a low pained groan, echoing through the aging book store. Old tomes may get picked up by MAGI and the occasional collector, but business has not been good. It's even worse when it's been closed for a month due to insurance insisting on painting the storefront over fixing the wiring. Supposedly, they want to write that it was a pretty shade of red when it burns down. The groan echoes from the second floor loft, acting as both a storage area and small apartment for the owner. A bearded face rubs his head as he feels the aftereffects of being rudely shaken from his sleep and, in a panic, flung onto the floor.


"Ugh...fine I'm up..." He looks around the loft, like waking up from a long slumber. He felt as though he had been in a stupor for years and something, somewhere, had told him to wake up. He strains to think about the basics, and it occurs to him he's forgotten most of them. Name, origin, all hazy memories with no clear answer. He feels at home but he cannot place why. What he does know is that this place is a mess.


When one is feeling lost in a familiar place, taking inventory should be their first priority. Most everything of value had been sold, and only the basics remained. He digs through the clothes stand that passes for a closet, criticizing the entire wardrobe. "Wait is this, what I've been wearing?" He pulls out the dress shirt, tie, and sleeveless trench coat as memories begin to flood him. He tosses the clothes to the side and puts on a regular shirt with jeans. "I'll have to sort this later." He then heads down into the book shop and looks around. Founder's Falls outside has really gone downhill, and was starting to look more like King's Row. "Okay so book sales, but it looks like I'm bad at my job" he says as he digs through the dusty tomes in the dark storefront.


Click, bzzt


Did his pants pocket just buzz? He didn't recall having a phone anymore, not one with a data plan anyway. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out an emblem. Then it hits him...


Fire...The base's destruction...Dozens of friends dead or dying...The order to evacuate...all of it. As far as he knew, he was alone and went into hiding, there he stayed for years, feeling the weight of losing everything he cared about a second time. He stumbles as years of repressed memories flood back in moments. It's a lot to take in, but he stays conscious, barely. It's a good thing too, as his day is about to get a whole lot worse.


It is said that there are two languages spoken throughout the entirety of the world. The first is the language of song, and the second is the rack of a Remington Model 870 12 gauge pump action shotgun. As the man ducked behind several solid wooden bookshelves, he is hit on the head by a large tome. Over the cover it reads "IN CASE OF EMERGENCY - ANSWER THE BARD'S CALL" wrapped over the cover in tape. He opens the book and looks on the inside, glowing runes telling him the magical properties of the tome have returned after a century of slumber. Unable to determine what his powers are, or if he even had any, he looks at the gang of Hellions storming the front and makes a snap decision.


The front door of the book store gives way as two Skulls break in and begin searching the place for a quick grab. The man leans out, the book in one hand he traces a symbol in the air and begins to craft an illusion. One skull looks to the other and freaks out. "It's the cops!" he grabs his shotgun and points it at his friend, whom to the shock of nobody then begins to freak out at being held at gunpoint, he pulls his own gun "wait no what the hell?!" the first takes aim "I ain't going back again!" There's a shot, two shots, screaming, silence. The owner looks to the storefront to see a bloody mess, and estimates he has about 10 minutes before actual police arrive. He had used the first page of the tome, he now only had 6 days to finish reading the entire thing or the magic would fade again. He then further surmised that the police process would take up a large portion of that time limit, and so he had to make a decision.


He raced up to the loft, grabbing a leather backpack he saw clothes inside, whatever it was it would work, probably some bug out kit he held a long time ago. It had food, bottled water, and he even had cash stashed away. He could hear the PPD screaming on the lower floor, so he grabbed the backpack, the tome, a staff he was using as a prop, and opened the window to the back alley. Looking back one last time he saw the photo of a short stocky man in red, and him standing tall in the background, a kid compared to today. "Sorry Brick, but I'll be back" he says as he leaps across the alley and then up to the rooftops. He had two objectives: Finish this tome, and trace that signal.


No long Blaze Sanctus the power armored Paladin, he has taken on a new name. Vyncent Elwyn, the Bard.

Formerly Virtue server, Blaze Sanctus, The Codex.

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