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Sewer Map Marker Alignment Bug


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This is hardly a gamebreaking bug (and most people don't spend much time scampering around in Paragon's sewer system) but I noticed something strange while hunting Hellions and exploration badges in the Sewer Network. It seems that when you're set to Rogue Alignment, the exit markers in the Sewer Network display incorrectly, labelling exits to Redside zones, with the exception of Skyway City and Boomtown. With some collaborative testing, these exits display properly when set to Vigilante and Hero alignment!




As seen above the Skyway exit shows as normal, but:






I, for one, look forward to the new Transatlantic Sewer Transport System. 

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The exits still work as intended! It's just a weird labeling issue on the map. The sewer unfortunately doesn't -actually- go under the ocean for Rogues, the bug seems specifically the map markers rather than the actual destination changing. 

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