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Would it be possible to license an IP or get permission for AE content?

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EDIT: The title of the post is a genuine question, and should not be interpreted as a complaint, which is why I changed it from "How difficult would it be to license an IP for AE?" I love me some COH and recognize that the dev team is doing some great stuff -- but I'm curious to see if this process could play out to everyone's benefit.

To the topic!

We know, generally, that Homecoming is unofficial, fan-run, and staying away from any big-name intellectual properties because nobody wants to get sued. So we can't make, say, a Star Wars AE adventure without filing off the serial numbers and genericizing it to be a space adventure with Beam Rifle and fire katanas or something similar. Talking to Disney or Hasbro or any of the big boys would likely require a licensing fee, company review, a legal department that says no anyway, and would generally be more trouble than it's worth.



Might the indie tabletop RPG scene be a place where such synergy could work? Some of the lesser-known games have companies that run on a skeleton crew sympathetic to homebrew creators, and the fan-fiction non-canon, no-profit approach might be seen as a free advertising benefit rather than a hassle. Getting permission to craft an AE story that utilizes a CoH interpretation of their world might not be impossible. Hashing out an agreement might take months... but you know, I've spent months creating AE adventures before. The arc description would have to include "COPYRIGHT HELD BY X, USED WITH PERMISSION" or something similar to discourage amateur imitation and proliferation... but again... possible?

TL: DR: I want my "Big Trouble In Little Rokugan" crossover. Anyone else?

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Snag with that is much as we're lovely people here and just minding our own business, no "legit" company needs someone else saying to them "we're not doing business with you because you support a private server", implying they support piracy or what have you.  It's more hassle than it's worth I think.

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  • Milk Sheik changed the title to Would it be possible to license an IP or get permission for AE content?

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