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Help installing MID's Reborn in Linux Mint, please!

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I've have tried installing MID's Reborn using Bottles, PlayonLinux, WINE, and Crossover. 
COH Homecoming itself installed with ease, on all 4 of the compatibility layer apps. MID's Reborn however, begins to install, then seems to just stop doing anything without any indicators or dialogue boxes to clue me into why. I've tried leaving it while I went to work, but it was still sitting in the same spot, with no progress. 

Initially, when I first tried to install it, it told me it cannot be installed on Windows with less than .Net update 4.8 (or something like that... running on memory here), but I was able to update my compatibility layer apps (except Crossover) with the .Net update,  so I was able continue on in the installation past that point, only to have it stop for no apparent reason. 

Has anyone out there, using Linux Mint, got MIDs Reborn running, and is so can you please help me out here?
Thank you in advance

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I've had similar problems, eventually got it running but it crashed consistently after a few minutes.


It's not a full replacement, but I've created a mids build reader over the past week to at least be able to pull up your mids builds and see them from a browser:



Planning to add some features to it to render builds better, detect rule of 5 violations, etc - but for now, you can upload a .mxd file and see your build.



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