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SOLD - In-Character Roleplay - Base for Sale - Fairy Circle Supergroup (Listing ID: FCSG-2077-6)


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((OOC: This is an advert for the sale of a base. It is intended to facilitate the roleplay of a house purchase as one might in real life. The listing will be as authentic as possible, you may request a private viewing in character and you may place an offer if you wish. If you put an offer in on the base (with in-game currency), your offer is binding and you will purchase the base if your offer is accepted. Please read the details carefully.))

Welcome to the Fairy Circle Supergroup!

A fully functional reprieve for fairies and friends with areas to inspire calm, peace and relaxation. Areas as based on the natural elements - air, earth, wind and fire with each their own theme and function(s). Large, brightly lit areas to inspire gatherings and conversations.

$500,000,000 influence (obo)

Fairy Circle Supergroup

Listing ID: FCSG-2077-6


Property Type: N/A

Building Type:  Rock/Cave

Parking: None/Street

Community Name: Fairy Circle

Location: Unknown

Annual Property Taxes: N/A

Strata Fees: N/A



- TPs to all areas in game - Quality of life stations, like Trainer, Tailor, boosters, Ouro etc. - Rabbit hole: see the portal and all the things inside the mushroom circle? ICly you are to become tiny and go there (not flying makes you fall there

Center hub

- Access to other areas in base - SG meeting table

North area: Air Wing

- Element Air is associated to color yellow, mind, study - Crafting and storage tables - Amphitheater

East area: Earth wing

- Element Earth is associated to color green, home, stability - Relaxing area, common quarters - Easter egg: ice cream truck (based on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbYWhdLO43Q ) going to Independence Port

South area: Fire wing

- Element Fire is associated to color red, action, inspiration - Fairy Dancing Party -- a complete Fae club - Hot tubs

West area: Water wing

- Element Water is associated to color blue, emotion, feelings - Tea party area, pool, random things bringing people together



If you find a soda can or two hiding somewhere in the base, don't worry: it's just a Wild Sprite -- they are shy.


Sidney-Lynne Faverty

Faverty Industries & Development

((NOTE: This base was submitted to Faverty Events to resell by a private base owner.))


To request a viewing:

Contact: In-game e-mail @Faverty Industries


((OOC: Join Faverty Events Discord and know when new builds are in the construction phase! Enjoy mid-construction pictures as well as extra listing pictures. https://discord.gg/Wq4P7WNjm2 ))


  • Serious roleplaying requests only.
  • No god-modding, robberies, sexual content or otherwise.
  • Roleplay is intended to mimic ‘real-life’ as much as possible. However, I am not a realtor and do not know the exact ins and outs of the real estate market.
  • Offers: offers are limited to what can be provided in-game. The listing states the cost, but you can offer below, at and above the listing price. You can offer other services and/or items that are found in-game only.
  • Just because you put in the first offer, doesn’t mean your offer will be accepted. You may adjust your offer up until the point the property moves in escrow. The listing will be marked sold when it has been purchased. All offers will get a response within a reasonable amount of time. You will be notified both if your offer is accepted or not accepted.
  • As with real life realtors, I ask that the honor system be used. I will not manipulate roleplay (ex: say there is an offer to get more influence, when there is no offer) and I will expect the same from you. If you say you want to meet at a certain time for a viewing, please show up or leave an IC message explaining your delay or absence. Please be respectful and courteous.
  • Once your offer has been accepted, you will be invited to the supergroup to which the base is attached. Payment is expected and once the transfer is complete, I will remove all my characters from the base and provide instructions to change the base code. If you do not communicate with me if there is a delay, you will be removed from the supergroup and acceptance of your offer will be rescinded. I will then, consider other offers.
  • Offers submitted without going through the roleplay process will not be considered.
  • I am not taking commissions or base building jobs.









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