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Atlas Map Issue, 3rd Mission of Twilight Son's "Smoke & Mirrors" Task Force


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All of the Atlas Park zone is accessible; there are no "walls" to limit the mission area despite the mission map indicated limits (see first screenshot). (Note that clicking on swat team members guarding hazard zones gave "you cannot enter" message, thank heaven lol)

Some Atlas Park zone map icons showing up concentrated in center of map (showed expanded in second screenshot).

Player position is not updated on map; player arrow remains in center of map (on Atlas Statue's globe) despite moving anywhere.


Does not interfere with mission completion.

This mission was taken through the Ouroboros flashback system.

Note that I use Vidiot maps mod. Will restart mission with mod disabled and update post.

Removal of Vidiot maps mod had no effect. Same issues occur.


Screenshot 1.jpg

Screenshot 2.jpg

Edited by Seikyr
Updated for removal of Vidiot maps mod, testing swat team interaction, noted taken through flashback.
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