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Let MM GOTO command use the same parameters as powexec_location

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SCORE added a command (powexec_location) that allows location based powers to use a few parameters to simplify the execution of those powers.  Instead of click power > put reticle on desired location > click again it's just click macro or bind with whatever flavor of powexec_location you've set up for one click.


See https://homecoming.wiki/wiki/Powexec_location_(Slash_Command)


This is a request for the same ability for MM Goto.  As it is, a targeting reticle is always summoned and it would be quite helpful to, with one click, use any of the existing parameters - goto me, goto target, goto some distance and direction from me.


If this already exists, apologies, I don't see any mention of it on the wiki or the MM forums.  If that's the case, someone please point me to the correct syntax.


ETA - This is a request for functionality to exist, not to specifically use GOTO.  If a new command such as GOTO_location is the solution, fine, that would be analogous to the one for powexec.

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