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Problem Earning the "Protester" Badge On Main


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Howdy there!

I told I need to make a post here by Game Master Crumpet!

As the title says. I've been trying to earn the "Protester" Event badge on my main toon on the map Nova Praetoria. I've tried it 4/5 times now and still have no been given the option. I've just earned the other two event badges here in Praetorian Earth and need this is the last one in the set. 

I've completed both pathways now multiple time. 

And I've just tested it with one of my alts running it at the exact same time as my main. They were not on a team during the event, but both participated. The strange thing is my alt has been given the badge as a reward option. Screenshots for proof.

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It’s your henchmen.  Do the event without your henchmen using personal attacks, and you will get the badge.  For some reason, the Protest event does not count pets nor henchmen as participation.


 I just finished doing all of gold side on a Mastermind and did the Protestor event without my henchmen, and got the badge just fine.


 I do understand the frustration though.  This has been an issue since Issue 18.

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17 hours ago, tehjdot said:

Thank you so much!!! It worked!!! 

You're a legend! 


Glad to hear that.  My pleasure.  Yeah, The Protest event has been pretty buggy since it first launched with Issue 19.  I had to learn the hard way on both live and on Homecoming that having pets and/or henchmen out actively penalizes you in this event, (because I forgot during the six-and-a-half year long snap :P ).

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