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Been running this Dom through the paces. Saving up for the full slots, but want some advise being relatively new to MIDs. Where am I spending too much, or what am I missing out on? I know it's overkill on Defense with not enough Dmg Res, and concerned about End usage. Any suggestion? (Should I get Scorp shield to free up some Def for Res?)


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This isn't holistic feedback, just a couple of things that stood out.


First and foremost, Disruption Aura is a toggle, the slotting it needs is for endurance reduction, not recharge.


With boosters now, for basic IOs it's a best practice to +5 (+4 actually is sufficient) them at 50 rather than 3 slot them.  


You have 3 "rule of 5" violations for the 4% recovery bonus.


I would use other LotG pieces in Hover and Maneuvers to get the regen bonus, rather than just using basic Def IOs.


Personally, I'd seek more global recharge.  You're technically perma-dom but it's by the skin of your teeth meaning you'll need to be very timely recharging hasten.  I was going to say a slow debuff would ruin your day but you've built up an impressive amount of -rch resists.

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