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Mission/Zone Hosp bugs

Timmy OToole

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AFAIK these are very well left from live days, but I've found this same scenario play out in two missions so far, figured I'd report it. One is in Mortimer Kal TF, and Dream Doctor's arc, where hospital's are still hooked up in the zones the missions are using. If you go to the hospital inside these missions, rather than being rezzed in the zone the mission you entered them was in (Sharkhead & DA), you're brought into the hosp rez bay's inside the mish and become stuck.


Mort Kal mission two, Talk to Odysseus of the Warriors, uses the map I20_VSF_ODYSSEUS_OFFICE, and Talos Island hospital is where you rez, instead of Sharkhead, as you can see here. One must find alternative ways to exit and reenter (LRT, SG portal, etc), as the Odysseus office is a custom floating map in the sky, that's well....hideous looking. (Wentworths and AE buildings have invisible drones, and will instantly vaporize you and cause your friends to laugh at your silly death. Origin stores around Talos are also accessible with NPC vendors still inside)


Second half of Dream Doctor arc, mission two, Save the Vanguard Compound, uses the map IOM_VANGUARD_BASE, and though the green portal that would normally get you inside the vanguard base in the normal RWZ still exists in the map, you'll exit the mission if you click it. However, when you go to the hospital when you die, you rez down inside the vanguard base and the green portal inside the base is not hooked up to tp you back outside to the fight. Once again, you need to find an alternate to exit the mission and reenter.



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