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Do not believe the propaganda.

The GrunTuk Empire

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A message from GobbaSkar Khalgra.



Do not believe the propaganda that has been spread across your communication channels.


The Grun'Tuk Empire favours those who ally themselves with our cause.


Those who help us bring the planet to heel will be given the highest honours once the planet is under our dominion!


With you by our sides, we can achieve victory, and bring Earth into a new golden age.





Sadly, those heroes who took part in spreading such propaganda will... hopefully... not be with us for much longer as we draw up KaSkar packs.



(( We just want to say thank you to everyone who took part in the the mission arc over the weekend past. It was a lot of fun to review and take part in. A big shout out to the creator of the arc for putting so much time, effort and care into writing it all up.))

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FBSA: The Grun'Tuk Empire


This account tends to post in character... be warned... or overjoyed.

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