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Custom Keybind Display on Powertray - QoL Suggestion

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Not sure if this is possible or not, but I would like to suggest a QoL improvement for powertrays. Currently, when a player changes the keybind for an ability, the numerical value displayed on the powertray does not change to reflect the new keybind. For example, if a player changes the keybind for power "5" to "G," the powertray still shows the number "5."


QoL suggestions:


  • Allow the powertray to display the actual keybinds set by the player, rather than the default numerical values. For example, if a player sets the keybinds to "C, G, Z, V," the powertray should display those letters accordingly.
  • Provide an option to toggle off keybind text completely, for those who prefer a minimalist powertray interface.
  • Retain the current default setting with numerical display, regardless of keybind alterations, for players who are comfortable with the existing system.



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This is a good idea.

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